"Why I Give Back"

Jen Ranck, Former Bethany Village Associate

I began working at Bethany Village during my freshman year of college in order to gain experience while also earning some money to help pay for school. I was spending a lot of time worrying about the cost of my education, yet as a student in a rigorous nursing program, there was no time to be concerned about anything other than my classes.

During my sophomore year, I applied for the Bethany Village Nursing Grant. A few weeks later, I was honored to find out that I was selected as one of the recipients of the award. I remember driving home from the special tea that celebrates the recipients and telling my mom that I wanted to give back to the grant fund someday. I wanted to be a blessing to others, just as this grant was a blessing to me.

I still remember, so clearly, one of the residents I cared for. Each evening, after I finished all of the required work, I would bring her a root beer float. She would tell me stories of WWII and her husband being stationed in Germany. She would also tell me about her lonely days in a foreign country and the secrets to a successful marriage. These evenings were defining moments for me. I realized that nursing was not just about giving medications and taking vital signs. It is about the connection you make and providing dignified care.

Jen now works at the Fox Chase Center in Philadelphia and has fulfilled her desire to give back. She is an annual donor to the Bethany Village Nursing Grant Fund, and her support has allowed more Bethany Village associates to further their nursing education.