Parkinson’s Exercise Classes at Asbury Methodist Village

Artha Jean Snyder and Dick Hirata

When Artha Jean Snyder’s late husband, Grant, was battling Parkinson’s disease, he benefited greatly from exercise classes specifically designed for those with his condition.

Artha Jean established an endowment fund to make the AMV Parkinson’s exercise classes available in perpetuity. She recently made an additional gift to the fund to support rising costs and additional courses that are being offered.

“Grant always felt better afterward, and I want others to experience that, too,” Artha Jean said.

Research from the Parkinson’s Outcome Project shows that people with Parkinson’s disease who start exercising earlier experience a slowed decline in quality of life compared to those who start later.

Artha Jean’s additional gift to the Parkinson’s Exercise Class Endowment Fund will ensure that two regular exercise classes can be taught per week in addition to a specialized TRX Suspension exercise course.

Dick Hirata, a retired physician and resident of AMV, has seen a significant benefit from the classes.

“Prior to my move to Asbury, I had not connected the importance of physical exercise to Parkinson's,” Dick said. “Appropriate exercise builds my physical stamina and strength, ameliorating the effects of the disease.”