Matching Gifts Build Excitement at Bethany Village

Bethany Village's three-phase "Building Our Community" capital campaign is bringing much-needed upgrades to the community's East Campus. With conceptual drawings for Phase II nearly finalized, public fundraising efforts have been kicked into high gear, thanks to the generosity of some very special residents of Bethany Village.

East Cottage residents Larry and Sandra Hallock are looking forward to the completion of Phase II, which will bring a Town Center with a cafe/bistro to the Bethany Village East Campus. The Hallocks see how the changes will help attract future residents by keeping all areas of Bethany Village relevant to the desires and needs of the next generation of seniors.

Larry and Sandra graciously offered to fund a matching gift challenge. The challenged fellow residents to donate gifts ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. In turn, they would match those gifts with a $50,000 gift of their own.

The residents of Bethany Village were up the challenge. The match secured a total of $100,000 in only a month's time!

"We love living at Bethany," said the Hallocks. "The residents and staff are truly wonderful. We want the campus to have a bright future for all to enjoy. Thanks to all for matching our pledge of $50,000!"

The swift success of the first matching gift challenge created such momentum that another set of challengers promptly stepped up to the plate.

Clyde and Carol Cressler, West Cottage residents and longtime supporters for Asbury Foundation, issued a $100,000 matching gift challenge to the residents of Bethany Village.

"Phase I was such an exciting time in fundraising, and now we have the beauty of the Rife Center, with more space for large events," noted Carol. "Clyde and I are pleased to be a part of Phase II by giving a $100,000 challenge so we can transform our old community space for us all to enjoy. We are happy to use our IRA funds to help support this campaign, and we hope that many residents will also find ways of contributing to this exciting transition for Bethany Village."

The Cressler's challenge matched gifts to the campaign of $10,000 to $25,000 - and has already been fulfilled - adding another $200,000 to the goal of Phase II!


  • Larry & Sandra Hallock
  • Clyde & Carol Cressler