$300,000 Matching Gift Challenge for Springhill's New Aquatic Center

When Springhill resident Marilyn Bernhard thought of the best way to honor her late husband, Dr. Robert Bernhard - an accomplished physician, a doting father and greate athlete - a project related to fitness seemed perfect.

And when she saw that Springhill's Lifestyle Enhancement Campaign needed a leadership commitment to boost momentum for its next phase, a new aquatic center, she knew what she needed to do.

In June, the Springhill community celebrated Marilyn's lead challenge gift of $300,000. In recognition of her leadership support, the center will be dedicated as the Dr. Robert and Marilyn Bernhard Aquatic Center once it is completed.

Asbury Foundation President Doug Myers said, "When I think of Marilyn, I think of the word 'devotion.' Marilyn was devoted to her late husband, Bob, and is devoted to her children, her many grandchildren and her friends here at Springhill. She is also devoted to education and has established several scholarships."

Marilyn's son, Mark, who is an associate provost at the University of Southern Indiana, noted, "My mom and dad have always been passionate about supporting causes, initiatives and projects they cared about. My mom has mentioned many times to me how much she enjoys Springhill, and that she wanted to do something to give back to the community that means so much to her."

Marilyn was also inspired by Springhill neighbor Hillert Vitt, who was instrumental in establishing the Vitt Fitness Center on campus.

To become part of the Bernhard $300,000 challenge and support this important new addition for Springhill, please contact President Doug Myers or Vice President of Developmen Susan Mayernick at 814-860-7008.