Other Creative Giving Ideas

There are many ways to support future community needs through Asbury Foundation. We advise you to speak with your professional advisor (attorney, CPA, bank trust officer, financial planner, insurance agent, etc.) to determine which may be best for you.

Retained Life Estate

It is possible to make a gift of your home, farm or vacation home while you and your spouse continue to use the property for your lifetimes. You receive a charitable deduction on your income tax based on the present value of the property, and you or your family avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

Gifts of Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance can provide a significant charitable deduction. You could purchase a new policy or donate a policy that you currently own but no longer need. Asbury Foundation would become both the owner and beneficiary of the policy.

Asbury Foundation staff members are always available to answer any question or provide additional information. Please contact us to learn more.