Benevolent Care

Benevolent Care Funds

What is benevolent care?
Benevolent Care is the discounting of fees, including monthly and ancillary fees, and payment of certain expenses, for residents who have exhausted their assets.

Who is eligible for benevolent care?
All current residents are eligible to apply for Benevolent Care. Residents who have depleted their assets in order to qualify for assistance, including those who have transferred assets to family or others, are not eligible.

How is benevolent care funded?

  1. The Benevolent Care Annual Fund: This includes gifts made annually to Asbury Foundation for immediate use.
  2. The Benevolent Care Endowment Fund: This includes gifts permanently invested in endowment, creating a principal base that generates interest income. The interest alone is used annually to fund benevolent care.
  3. Community Operating Funds: If there is a shortfall in what is raised annually and the endowment interest income, then operational revenue must pick up the cost of benevolent care.