Frequently Asked Questions

When I make a gift to Asbury Foundation, how is my contribution directed?
All gifts are tracked by community. That is, all gifts designated to a certain community benefit that community. All gifts made by a particular community’s residents and their families benefit that community alone.

Who oversees Asbury Foundation?
Asbury Foundation is governed by board of directors consisting of representatives from the communities Asbury serves. The foundation is audited annually by a nationally recognized accounting firm.

Who manages day-to-day operations of the foundation?
The board of directors hires a president and CEO, who is assisted by several development directors and staff.

How many gifts did the foundation receive last year?
The total number of gifts in 2017 was 15,517 with more than $7,923,593 in new gifts, pledges, and gift annuity agreements were contributed to enhance the lives of residents in the Asbury system of communities.

To show how many gifts were designated to benefit each community, a breakdown by affiliate follows:

Asbury Methodist Village—Total number of gifts was 6,515, with $3,394,417 contributed.
Asbury Solomons—Total number of gifts was 2,133, with $696,849 contributed.
Bethany Village—Total number of gifts was 4,022, with $1,762,340 contributed.
Calvert County Nursing Center - Total number of gifts was 777, with $23,651 contributed.
Inverness Village—Total number of gifts was 761, with $1,427,294 contributed.
Springhill—Total number of gifts was 1,308, with $609,040 contributed.

What programs or projects are supported by Asbury Foundation?
Asbury Foundation supports benevolent care needs in the Asbury system of communities through annual funds (Benevolent Care Funds) and endowment funds. During 2017, $2,916,646 in benevolent care was provided to 61 residents living at Asbury communities. Additionally, Asbury provided unreimbursed services to 229 residents at our health care centers.

What is an endowment fund?
An endowment fund is comprised of donor designated gifts that are permanently restricted, with only the income and appreciation used annually to support Asbury’s mission.  On a monthly basis any invested returns, realized or unrealized, on these endowment funds are transferred to operations to offset some of the cost the benevolent care provided at our communities. The corpus of the funds remain intact for perpetuity, pursuant to the donor’s wishes.

How are endowment funds invested?
The endowment funds are invested with Morgan Stanley. Our endowment funds are invested with a balanced portfolio of equities, bonds and real estate funds with a focus on achieving long-term growth.

What is the Heritage Society?
All who make bequests and other planned gifts such as charitable gift annuities, trusts and gifts of life insurance are recognized as members of the Heritage Society.