Asbury Methodist Village Calendars Support Wildlife

Jane Carroll (Right) and Julia Sessions (Left), Producer of the 2017 calendars pictures in front of AMV's bird feeding station.

Since 2010, the Asbury Foundation has been a partner of the Asbury Wildlife Habitat Team Steering Group at Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Started in 2007 by a group of nature lovers, this team of residents is dedicated to protecting AMV's wildlife. The group has created a safe haven for Asbury's most unusual inhabitants, including nesting birds, waterfowl, foxes and endangered honey bees.

Each year, the Wildlife Habitat group sells calendars featuring resident-provided photographs that capture AMV's beauty and campus scenery. Calendars are sold across AMV, with payments made to the Asbury Foundation. The proceeds go directly to benefit the work of the Wildlife Habitat group. The success of the 2017 calendars was tremendous, and nearly all of the 500 calendars were sold!

"Asbury residents have always been very supportive of our efforts to attract wildlife to our campus and maintain our status as a certified Wildlife Habitat," explains Jane Carroll, AMV resident and chair of the Wildlife Habitat group. "The funds raised by our Wildlife Calendar provide seed for our birdfeeders, pollinator plants necessary for the health of our small ecosystem, and native shrubs and trees to shelter and feed birds and small animals."